Coronavirus information...

The coronavirus epidemic is straining the tourism, trade, events, health and our relationships with our loved ones. We believe that this crisis gives us the possibility to reconsider our way of consuming and travelling. We are convinced that a sustainable tourism and a slow living is the wave of the future. This is what we have been offering you for more than 10 years to travel in small charming accommodations that work for the preservation and restoration of their architectural heritage, real estate and furniture heritage, which favor small local producers and act for environment protection.

We need your support so that our collaborations with our Italian partners can withstand this unprecedented crisis. To do so, we will propose you to defer your stay. If you postpone your stay to a similar date in 2021, we will guarantee the same rates as in 2020. Please note that in order to rebook your stay at these conditions, you will need to reschedule it no later than 15 days prior to your initial departure date.

Example: You were leaving on June 15th 2020.
We'll guarantee you the same fares if you reschedule your stay before the 1st of June 2020 for similar dates in 2021.

We know that we will have to live with the virus for many more months, but it is important to start resuming our activities and making plans. For this, we assure you that our Italian partners will take all possible precautions to welcome you safely. Some examples: wearing of masks and gloves by the staff, safety distance between tables, linen cleaned and disinfected by industrial laundries, individual check-in, possibility of serving breakfasts and dinners in the room… The accommodations we have selected are small structures managed for the most part by the owners themselves. They can therefore adapt very easily to the new security measures. On the other hand, the hygiene rules are very strict in Italy and much followed as there are many site inspections. You will be able to travel in peace as soon as the Italian government and the other governments authorize the movements within the European Union and between each country.

To encourage new bookings, we have decided to offer more flexibility so that you do not lose your deposit if you have to cancel your stay due to the restrictions linked to the coronavirus 15 days before your departure. Contact us at for more details.

Blandine Watrelot