Travel off the beaten tracks

Stay at small luxury and authentic hotels to experience the traditions, culture, hospitality and gastronomy of central and southern Italy

Tailor made holidays

Discover at your own pace a cultural heritage and enjoy a restful stay in charming authentic houses combining cultural heritage, architecture and local cuisine

  • Choose to stay at small luxury and authentic hotels

  • Take your time to explore and feel the atmosphere

  • Discover a unique concept of hospitality

  • Taste local cuisine, seasonal and regional food

  • Enjoy unique experiences off the beaten tracks

  • Visit art and historic cities

  • Unwind yourself in a peaceful and enchanting setting

  • Enjoy a luxury and restful stay in a Ducal Palace

  • Simple pleasures are always the last refuge of the complex

    – Oscar Wilde

«Experience slow travel in the south of Italy»

Why choose us to organize your trip?

We spend most of our time finding, visiting and selecting small luxury and authentic places to stay – Not all of them meet our specific criteria – For over 10 years we've been traveling in Italy to visit places, meet owners and experience itineraries in order to offer an exclusive selection of charming lodgings and tailor made itineraries. Our customers are sure to come back not only with a memorable souvenir but also with and an enriching cultural experience. Tailor made itineraries from travel experts, created on request according to your budget and wishes. Personalized advice along with a five star service to organize a trip that looks like you. Selective criteria for a unique collection of small hotels and beds and breakfasts in the south of Italy.

Our hand-picked selection

is made for discerning travelers looking for an enriching experience through people, gastronomy, history or exceptional natural beauty. We pick small charming hotels, bed and breakfasts, Agriturismo, country houses hosted in Palazzo, Masseria, former royal hunting pavilion, Trulli, monastery and countryside houses.

We give priority

to owners who promote craftsman work, who use local and organic food, who respect traditional architecture and who act for environment protection.

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Rome, Viterbo, Perugia...


Pescara, L'Aquila, Venafro...

Our exclusive selection of hotels

Authentic or historic houses decorated in a rustic or contemporary style which respect the local traditions and original architecture. Whether you are looking for a stylish boutique hotel, a country house offering absolute quietness and unspoiled nature, a small charming hotel by the sea or a bed and breakfast with a great hospitality and quality home cooked food, you'll find it in our selection. Small sized accommodations enjoying a perfect location to alternate visits with sweet idleness

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