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There are about 30 islands in the south of Italy belonging to the regions of Lazio, Sardinia, Sicily, Campania and Puglia. From volcanic islands like the Aeolian islands whom the landscapes have been forged over the years by the wind, lava and sea to the wild islands of Sardinia like the Asinara hosted today some white donkeys, all working together to preserve their traditions, fauna and flora. These Mediterranean islands offer to discerning travelers a singular atmosphere, enchanting landscapes and a slow paced life.
The islands of Campania
Capri, also known as the "Blue Island" is situated a few miles off the coast of Sorrento. It has been celebrated for its beauty for thousands of years. Whitewashed villages, quiet coves bordered by crystal-clear waters, incredibly varied landscape, famous visitors and luxury designer shopping have given Capri worldwide renown. Ischia is a volcanic island in the Gulf of Naples; here natural resources have been put to good use: it is one of the best-known hydro-thermo-climatic resorts in Italy and indeed the world. Ischia will surprise you with the diversity of its landscapes, with pine forests on its eastern side, and charming towns like Ischia itself and Casamicciola. Its lively atmosphere in summertime and the mild climate in winter make this island a place worth visiting at any time of year. The small island of Procida lies in the Bay of Naples. Kept away from the mass tourism, Procida successfully managed over the years to keep its traditions and authentic atmosphere.

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GETTING ABOUT These islands can be reached by ferry or high speed boat from the main ports of each region. It's best to leave the car and to rent on site scooter, quad, or cars upon arrival on the island. One can also use a micro-taxi to move on the island. The schedule of ferry boats should be checked regularly as they are often changing.