A few words about us...

He is Italian – born in Salerno, Campania in 1972. After school, he left his beautiful home region for pastures new: first Paris, then London. Distance from home made his heart grow fonder, making him more keenly aware of the beauty and also the tourist potential of his native Campania.

She is French – born in Lille, northern France, in 1976. She left Lille in 1997, after completing her degree, to strike out on her own in Paris then London.

They met in London. He took her to the South of Italy and she soon fell in love with the area – its enchanting landscape, its delicious cuisine and its warm and hospitable people.

We believe that our selection of accommodations is undoubtedly the best way to travel and discover the Italian "art of living" – to understand in fact what "La Dolce Vita" really means! That is why we have decided together to create hote-italia.com.