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Since 2007, we have been traveling across Italy to find charming hotels and guest houses of non-standard character, tastefully renovated while respecting their original structure and traditions.

Despite the costs and difficulties this involves, we have chosen to remain faithful to our concept which is based on human experience and not on artificial intelligence. Our work is based on our personal experience of research, travel, meetings, visits, discoveries and exchanges. Our selection of accommodation and our tailor-made itinerary proposals are the result of this experience.

Authentic luxury is a more intimate and more exclusive luxury that must be appreciated at its true value, like the service we offer to our customers.

Hote-Italia: Our philosophy

Authentic luxury

Stay in a historic or typical residence perfectly integrated into its environment, share a moment with its owners, be amazed by discovering production techniques or ancestral know-how, taste quality local products and regional cuisine, meet people passionate people eager to share with their guests their knowledge of their historical, cultural and gastronomic heritage. So many enriching experiences that leave a memorable memory because they are unique.

Our selection criteria

Quality, typical or historic residences, charm, taste, human encounter

The experience of your trip, whether cultural, human or gastronomic, begins in our hotels.

We care about the quality of reception, services and facilities.

Each of the selected accommodations is a favorite. We only include in our catalog accommodations that we have personally tested and visited and offer activities that we have been able to experience.

In our selection, we favor small-capacity accommodations, which reflect local architecture, which are tastefully renovated and collaborate with owners who act to safeguard their heritage, their land and for the protection of the environment.

Monitoring our hotels

Constant evaluation

Field work is the key element that allows us to offer our customers a successful stay. A close and continuous relationship with our partners, regular visits, careful monitoring of our customer satisfaction questionnaires allows us to monitor the evolution of our hotels and plan new visits if necessary. We do not rely on reviews from booking platforms to evaluate our hotels because these reviews have not been verified by us and do not come from our customers.
Meticulous work which is not exposed or expressed but which has the merit of existing.

Hote-Italia: Monitoring our hotels

The choice of sustainable tourism

How ?

Since the creation of our agency in 2007, we have set ourselves the objective of promoting sustainable tourism.

Our accommodations meet the criteria of sustainable and responsible tourism

  • Installation of solar panels for hot water and electricity
  • Reuse of plant waste from their production as a source of energy
  • Recovery of wastewater for soil and rainwater irrigation
  • Use of plastic reduced to a minimum
  • Bio-construction
  • Promote the work of regional artisans who work with natural materials and products
  • Grow organically
  • Prioritize small local producers
Booking a stay with an independent agency which works for sustainable and responsible tourism in Italy is a united and eco-responsible approach

Why book with us?

Hote-Italia: Our added value

A tailor-made trip for individual travelers or small groups

What we offer you

A unique experience through a stay in boutique hotels and excursions off the beaten track with passionate guides

Discovering places and routes that you would not have thought of

Our service goes beyond a simple reservation since we go so far as to ensure with our partners the rooms that will be reserved for you

Saving time and an optimized itinerary

Attentive listening and a cordial exchange with a dedicated contact