The Marche region, located on the Adriatic coast in central Italy, between Emilia Romagna, Tuscany, Abruzzo and Umbria, is characterized by its numerous parks and reserves, its medieval towns dominating a preserved landscape alternating fields, green hills and mountains, its cities of art, its crafts, its wine and food traditions, its small seaside towns, its beautiful sandy beaches and its authentic hospitality. The Marche are also very famous for the manufacture of high-end leather shoes. An ideal destination for lovers of nature, culture, history, wine and food


The gastronomy of Marche is strongly linked to its territory and its traditions. White truffle can be found mainly in the regions of Pesaro, Urbino, Macerata and Ancona. The regional cold cuts, the porchetta and the production of traditional pasta also make the excellent gastronomic reputation of the region. The most famous fish specialty is the "Brodetto". Find more information in our gastronomic guide…



Marche region offers varied landscapes: rocky mountains, green hills, plains, natural reserves, forests, vineyards, long sandy beaches with crystal clear water, fields of wheat and sunflowers. The region can be easily discovered by foot or bicycle. Its unspoiled nature, ancient towns dominating the countryside, its castles and monasteries, its towns of art and history, its archaeological sites and its many traditions will delight travelers in search of nature, relaxation and authenticity.

The car remains the ideal means of transport to discover the Marche region and its secret corners. However, many “wine and food” or “nature” bicycles itineraries exist to help you discover the region off the beaten track. There are many cycle paths in the various towns on the coast. A rail line runs along the Adriatic coast and stops in most seaside towns.

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